At FIORE, a special event is our area of ultimate expertise.  We calculate every detail—from the flower color and petal count to the lighting, linens, and laughter.  Fiore’s floral designs are unique and beautiful.  Large or small, we make every dinner party or wedding yours to remember.  Our clients have spent the most joyous days of their lives with us in the atmospheres of which we have created.

We take the time to get to know you—understanding your sense of style, your likes and dislikes, your priorities, your budget needs and create a design for your event that is not only an expression but a celebration of who you are.

What makes us stand out above the rest is our professional experience, excellent vendor relations, attention to detail, and organization.  Shannon Pallin has been in the events business for over 20 years and understands what it takes to make up a wonderful event.